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about clairema

At an early age, surrounded by an inherent musical universe with a concerto pianist of a father and an underground DJ of a brother, Clairema developed her passion and taste for music, notably at private Parisian soirées. With an extensive palette of references, from disco to house, to funk and electro, Clairema has the talent to adapt her sets according to the temperature and mood of the evening, ubiquitously making the dance floor move. 

From the classics to the latest hits, her catalog is never exhausted. Clairema is already well accustomed to the trendy and underground clubs of the city, connected to both Manhattan and Brooklyn scenes. 





Youth To The People

Amélie Pichard x Bash


Audi Corporate


Williamsburg Hotel x Bastille Day

HBO Sharp Objects launch

Nordstrom Men's store opening

Han Wen fw18 presentation

Matte projects


Made hotel

Public hotel

Ludlow House

Paul's Casablanca

Hotel Hugo




Ludlow House

The Lot Radio


Feel my vibes

Cocktail Hour


Friday night, or Tuesday.

To Dance


Westin Hotels Campaign

Let's Rise


Remy Martin Campagin

La Maison Rémy Martin


May 16th, 2017

The Lot Radio


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